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There's not many requirements to become an Air Cadet. But our minimum requirements are that you are between 12 years of age (in year 8) & 17 years of age. You can carry on your cadet career up until your 20th birthday, but there is some set criteria to do so.

How to Join

Cadet Basic Training

So what happens when you join? Upon joining the Squadron you'll complete a modular 14 week Cadet Basic Training course. This will set a solid foundation you can build upon as you progress through your time as an Air Cadet.

You'll cover uniform upkeep and drill, basic first aid skills, radio skills and cyber awareness. Some Initial Expedition Training, history of the Royal Air Force & the Air Cadets. All whilst making friends and growing in confidence!

After completing your initial Cadet Basic Training, you'll be classed as a First Class Cadet, obtaining a few other badges and ready to take on everything the organisation has to offer.


And it doesn't stop you spend more time in the Air Cadets, you may be promoted, giving you more responsibility and opportunity to lead your fellow cadets. As with promotions it's not a given - the right attitude, commitment and drive can see you rise through the ranks. But you'll have to impress in an interview first!


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