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Commissioned Officers

Commissioned Officers are usually the management & leadership behind Squadrons. Originally holding Her Majesty's Volunteer Reserve Commission, Commissioned Officers now hold the Queen's Cadet Forces Commission. Wearing the same Uniform as their RAF counterparts they are afforded the same privileges as a Regular Commissioned Officer.

All Commissioned Officers start off their Uniformed Service as Squadron Officers. Usually in roles such as Adjutant (responsible for the efficient administration of a Unit) and Training Officer (responsible for the Squadron's overall 'Training Programme' and ensuring the Cadet Experience is delivered). In time some Commissioned Officers take Command of their own Squadrons. And with further time Sectors and even Wings.


  • Minimum 20 years of age

  • Be a British Subject or a Citizen of the Irish Republic. Or have been born in a country or territory which is (or was then) within the Commonwealth or Irish Republic.

  • Pass a DBS Check and additional vetting.

  • Have served a minimum of 3 months service as a CI, adult SNCO or have been a former regular Commissioned Officer in HM Armed Forces.

  • Public Servants may apply, only if the grant of a commission does not interfere with their official duties.

Selection & Training

Due to the fact you are looking to join the management arm of the organisation and also becoming an officer. There are a few areas you must pass;

  • Attend the Wing's P2 selection course, complete a boarded Filter Interview and be recommended for selection.

  • Attend the 2 Day Officer Selection Course at the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC), RAFC Cranwell or equivalent.

  • Upon passing OASC or equivalent you will be afforded the privilege of wearing the uniform, subject to completing & passing the Officers Initial Course (OIC).

  • After successfully passing OIC you will receive your commissioning scroll.

Remuneration &

As an Officer in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets you are entitled to claim up to 28 days remuneration for applicable / authorised activities and training. The rate you are remunerated at is commensurate with your rank. 

In addition to this you can claim travel and subsistence allowances for certain activities and home-to-duty mileage.

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